[Eng Trans] Changmin,Kiritani Kenta and Mizobata Junpei interview (trans of Changmin’s parts mainly):
Translation: RYO (hotncoldrunningwater @ Youtube) 
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Here’s the translation of what Changmin said in the interview. You can share it with anyone and re-upload it anywhere you like, if only you kindly understand my translation was just a quick one and not complete. Enjoy.

K=Kiritani Kenta
M=Mizobata Junpei


Q.About your roles:

C: My role Momo is also a gloomy character, but… personally, during the shooting of this movie, I also had to perform for the concert tour of TVXQ. It was like, I finished one concert, and the very next day I had to go back to the movie shooting and play Momo. Working on those completely different types of schedules by turns was difficult. I did my best anyway.



Q.What did you think of director Izutsu?

C: Before joining the shooting, I heard many rumors and…

K, M: What rumors?!! :-)

C: I heard that he was kind of… aggressive… and (when I actually met him) he was even more passionate and harsher than I expected. After finishing the shooting, though, looking back, like they (Kiritani and Mizobata) said just now, such attitude of the director kept the whole crew united despite all the difficult condition. I think it was great.

Q.What was the atmosphere of the team?

K: Girls. That was all we talked about. We won’t tell you the details though…

C, M: (laughter)

C: Exactly.

K: There was only one scene that all the six of us (leading characters) gathered. Only one day. On that day, finally we met, sat around the fire in the park….because it was cold…

C: Yes.

K: We kept talking only on that day. In most of my scenes I was with Tsumabuki and Asano, and had no chance to act with Junpei and Changmin until that day. On that day we became close.



Q.What was tough about the shooting?

C: On the scene of Momo who worked at a tofu store, it was very cold but tofu had to be stored in the cold water, right? I was supposed to take it out from the water by hand and put it in the vinyl bag. In addition, the movement needed to be filmed, and it was difficult to keep pace with the camera. Finally, as I repeated the movement, I felt colder and colder. My face and my whole body…kind of froze. I caused many outtakes and Tsumabuki-san got involved in that situation. I felt sorry about it.

Q.What did you think of each other?

K: All of us were cheerful. I just opened my mind and had a happy time with the other actors. Talking about girls…

C: (lol)

M: I always heard that Kiritani-san was a very unique and funny person. When I actually met him, he was much funnier than I expected. I felt, like, “he’s so serious about being funny..”

C: (nodding) Um.

K: (To Changmin) “Um”?!

M: I felt sorry for underestimating Kiritani-san’s funniness. About Changmin-san, as I am a fan of TVXQ….

C: (bowing)

M: I said I love that song and stuff like that. I had a great time talking with him. I had a chance to go to their concert, too. He has this great profession I can never do. I was happy I could hear all the stories from him directly.

C: All the cast were, personally… the people I had often watched in Japanese dramas and movies….

K, M: “People”?! (lol)

[T/N: Changmin’s Japanese is so so so perfect. Only this choice of word was a bit funny. Not a mistake anyway.]

C: At first I felt strange to be with them. :-)
Firstly, Mizobata-san is almost the same age as me, and I wanted to be friends with him from the beginning. About Kiritani-san, in a drama I watched, he played a very funny character. I thought he was a really good actor. When I met him in person, he was exactly the same as the character….

K: Acting! I was acting in it! (lol)

C: I think he is the most unique Japanese I have ever met.

All: Wow!

C: He is so cheerful and positive… I hope to stay friends with him for a long time.

K: Thanks. (shaking hands)

Q.What would you want, more than a bundle of bills?
[T/N: The catch copy of the movie is “Could there be anything you want, more than a bundle of bills?”]


C: (lol)

M: Memories.


M: (awkward look)

Stuff: Don’t look away.

M: I know it was not funny….

All: (lol)

K: You meant it so seriously.

M: I did! And you did not mean it by “love”.

K: Yes I meant it! Don’t be so rude.

C: (lol) I expected him (Kiritani) to say “women”. I was right.

All: (lol)

C: To be honest, I agree with him [by “love”], I also need peace of mind.

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